Quai Bonamour X Tim Frager

Quai Bonamour X Tim Frager

Quai Bonamour X Tim Frager

“An ultra-limited series of revisited bottles, for an exceptional vintage”

Quai Bonamour gives Tim Frager carte blanche, so that our bottle reflects the wine it protects. Friends in life, we share the values ​​of the Gascon art of living and the protection of the Oceans.

The wine, without added sulphite, is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot from selected plots that have particularly proven to be good in the 2022 vintage.

On this limited vintage, no sulphite which does not come from the grape itself. 

It is thanks to pampered vines, an impeccable cellar and the efforts of the last 30 years to create a sustainable ecosystem that this wine was born. Find in this bottle, the grapes exposed.

Together, Cabernet Franc (75%) and Merlot (25%) offer our 5 senses red velvet with scents of blackcurrant and rosemary. Let your palate be surprised with the aromas of juicy plum, raspberry and wild blackberry jam.

The illustration is inspired by an artistic series called “Motifs“

The patterns are small, simple and graphic drawings, they are understandable to everyone. They form a universal language which dialogues with the support, here a bottle of wine which we would readily associate with a moment of conviviality and sharing. A character extends his arms towards two birds which gravitate around this red star, the color of the wine contained in this bottle. We can also guess the presence of the ocean, the sandy yellow color also recalls the Landes beaches.

These patterns coexist with other more universal symbols such as these repeated crescent moons, or this midnight blue star.

The BONAMOUR writing is made from small motifs that are often found throughout Tim's work.

Tim Frager

Born in Senegal in 1979, Tim Frager spent his early childhood in Mali then his adolescence in Guadeloupe. Established in Capbreton for around twenty years, the Landes have always been an annual meeting since his birth, on the one hand to come see his family, on the other hand to participate in surfing competitions. Surfing, an intuitive discipline in harmony with the ocean, allowed him to travel, discover new lands, and maintain a privileged link with the marine environment.

Tim uses different techniques and regularly varies the supports: canvas stretched on a frame, paper, wood, steel panel, exterior wall... Spontaneous and instinctive, his work is at the crossroads between the movements of Free Figuration, graffiti and naive art.

“The canvas is an outlet from which the world can emerge according to one’s point of view. A teeming world where the African child rubs shoulders with the Western world, where the tree takes root at the foot of a skyscraper, where the Indian runs on the asphalt. Tim can no longer say where he comes from: Africa, Guadeloupe, mainland France? So painting offers him an anchor as much as a language. The world revealed by his works is something “experienced”, something “living”, something “to come”. Obviously, his personal experience urges him to defend multiculturalism, tolerance, respect for life.

In each of his works, Tim Frager conveys to us the need to be open with eyes, hearts and minds.

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