Quai Bonamour, wine but not only!

Good: happy grapes, happy wines
Nice : redesigned in a returnable bottle
Real : circular and local business

Sharing our passion while respecting the environment

Moving from a model of impact reduction to a model of positive value creation on a social, economic and environmental level.

We produce wines while living on the land that feeds the vines.

We limit waste as much as possible and we take care of living things, humans included.

It seems only natural to us to sell to those around us as a priority.

You will therefore find us in the markets, in click & collect, in your holiday homes or at friends' houses (wine shop, restaurant or cabin)

Anne & Julien

These two met thanks to their shared passion for the Ocean. After respective international careers, their desire to speak to gastronomes brought them together around a challenge:

Offering a new vision of wine on the Atlantic Coast.

Lovers of the Bay of Biscay and proud of the terroir of the Atlantic coast, we want to share our art of living with all fans of the Bay of Biscay while respecting our environment.

Defenders of Gascon culture, we want to share our art of living.

Wine with wine is even better

We like to share the wine we produce with local flavors by working on food and wine pairings. This is why it seems essential to us to enhance our range with local gourmet products, developed by those around us, blending wonderfully with each color of our juices.

Quai Bonamour is intended to be the ideal companion for picnics at the beach, large tables, a meal on the go or an impromptu barbecue.