Quai Bonamour, wine but not only!

Good: happy grapes, happy wines
Nice : redesigned in a returnable bottle
Real : circular and local business

Return for reuse.

The instruction, aim for ZERO waste

Quai Bonamour is committed to a concrete sustainable development approach and a circular economy.

We offer all our customers the opportunity to return their empty bottles to us (click & collect point / Capbreton market / Capworking) 100% water-soluble labels, 100% water-based ink.

Collected by us and washed locally, these bottles will be reused to minimize our impact on this nature that we love so much.

Free your traffic jams!

Do you save your corks for DIY Sundays?

We also collect them to transform them with our partners.

Our vision of wine is an eco-responsible virtuous circle.

You too can save yourself the hassle of sorting. Together, let's reuse!

Our bottles, a great area to express ourselves

A bottle of wine is often in the middle of a table, well surrounded. At Quai Bonamour we want the bottle to be something we talk about with friends and family.

Our bottle, simply adorned with a label, we want it to be stylish and engaging.

We give freedom to the people we love, to their artistic or gastronomic fight.