chocolat & vin : accord divin

wine & chocolate : divine pairing

Pairing wine and chocolate is a fascinating taste experience that can reveal new and complementary flavors when the right choices are made. Here are some basic principles to understand and succeed in this agreement:

Contrast or complementarity of flavors: as in many culinary pairings, you can opt for a contrast or complementarity of flavors. For example, a sweet wine can contrast with bitter chocolate, or a full-bodied red wine can complement dark chocolate with fruity notes.

Intensity: It is important to consider the intensity of the wine and chocolate. A dark chocolate with a strong cocoa content will require a powerful wine so as not to be overshadowed, while a milder milk chocolate can be accompanied by a lighter wine.

Texture: The texture of the chocolate can also play a role in the pairing. A melty chocolate might be more suited to a smooth, velvety wine, while a crunchy chocolate might pair with a more structured wine.

Flavors and tasting notes: Think about the flavors and tasting notes found in wine and chocolate. For example, a red wine with notes of red fruits could be harmonious with a chocolate containing dried fruits.

Origins and terroirs: Just like wines, chocolates can have different origins and terroirs, which influences their taste characteristics. You can explore regional pairings, for example by pairing Portuguese wine with Portuguese chocolate.

Experimentation: Pairing wine and chocolate is also a matter of personal preference. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to find the one you like best.

Some popular pairing suggestions include:

Full-bodied red wine with intense dark chocolate.

Fortified wine like Port with milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Fruity red wine with dark fruit chocolate.

Brut or dry white champagne with dark chocolate or milk chocolate.

Sweet wine with caramel chocolate or milk chocolate.

Ultimately, wine and chocolate pairing is a subjective and playful experience, where exploring flavors and textures can lead to unexpected and delicious taste discoveries.

At Quai Bonamour: we recommend Nature red wine (2022 vintage) for your dark and fruity chocolates but also our grape juice for milk or white chocolate.

*Did you know that white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. This natural fat is extracted from the cocoa bean after grinding. The presence of this natural fat extracted from the bean makes it a type of chocolate in its own right!

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