Des idées pour occuper les mignons pendant que nous réinventons le monde (sans objet et convient à tous les âges)

Ideas to keep the cute ones busy while we reinvent the world (not applicable and suitable for all ages)

The invented story

Each in turn, share a sentence that helps build a story as a group . The first begins with “once upon a time”. Add chili ending yours with "when suddenly", or start absurdly with "Once upon a time there was a little square that wanted to be a circle".

It's the excesses and the humor that make this game funny. For example when your bichette begins the story with "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Bichette and who had super powers". And your son goes on to say "...however, his superpowers were rotten, like for example, the power to see through glass"

The Zanimals of the alphabet

The goal of this game is to find all animal names that start with a letter of the alphabet . One participant recites the alphabet in his head, another says “stop” so that a letter of the alphabet is designated. From there, each participant must, in turn and without repetition, name an animal name that begins with this letter, until they run out of ideas. When we have gone around, we start again with another letter. It's a very stupid game, reflection , without competition , perfect for car trips and to enrich your child's vocabulary.

In my bag

This game calls on memory short term. And children are generally very good at this game! Each participant must add an object or item of clothing that they wish to take on a trip with them, while repeating the objects that are already there (added by others), in the order recited and without making a mistake . “I’m going to Africa for 1 month, and in my suitcase, there is…”. The last one who manages not to make a mistake wins.

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