Le magret de Canard, le roi de la basse-cour Gasconne. Le secret de la cuisson

Duck breast, the king of the Gascon farmyard. The secret of cooking

We give you the secret of cooking, in case you don't have a fireplace or a vine branch at hand.

Provide 1 duck breast for 2 people

Cut the skin of the breast diagonally, on one side, then the other. Deep enough to reach the entire depth of the skin or almost but without cutting into the flesh below.

Place the breasts skin side down against the bottom of the cold pan and cook for about 8 minutes over low/medium heat. Then we remove the fat from the duck breasts and preserve it carefully (read the paragraph below on the subject). Now increase the heat to medium/high and continue cooking for 4 more minutes. It’s time to turn your breasts over and lower the temperature to medium heat. 8 more minutes and it's over!

After all these emotions, your duck breast deserves a little rest, right? Let it recover by wrapping it in aluminum foil for 3 to 4 minutes. It will thus finish cooking to present itself in its best light once sliced: very pink, tender and juicy!

Serve with oven-roasted carrots or sweet potato fries.

Quai Bonamour Nature will have the perfect character to take on Maître Grilladin’s challenge. Our Rouge Nature, with its touch of spices and its impeccable red fruit, is there to enhance each bite of well-raised duck breast (local and seasonal gastronomy)

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