Le moment viti oeno plaisir

The viti oeno pleasure moment

The vine in March: Crying and budburst

The alarm rang ! but it's Sunday. The vine emerges from its vegetative rest, quietly but with a gourmet brunch awaiting it: sap.

From March onwards, the winter sleep ends and the vine's vegetative cycle begins.

The vine cries with joy, sap rising from the roots and flowing through the recent unhealed wounds left by winter pruning. She breathes again, she is not sad but excited by the energy stored in the roots from the previous season.

The bud may appear, like a miniature world enclosed in a tiny plant globe which will grow over the months. It's the unburdening.

Late varieties bud much later than early ones: thus, in Bordeaux, Merlot is often fifteen days ahead of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Until now, the buds are well protected by their scales and their buds, but the young shoots that are developing are extremely fragile. Temperatures below 0° for a few hours can be fatal.

It's up to us to pamper them so that they reveal their flowers to us.

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