Le rosé : piscine versus cocktail

Rosé: swimming pool versus cocktail

The refreshing swimming pool

It's time to bring out all the tall, mismatched stemware!

Fill each glass halfway with fresh rosé (12-14 degrees)

Add ice cubes, make sure the glass is full and the ice cubes hang over the edge....

The “wahoo” Cocktail

Chilled rosé wine (less than 12 degrees): 1 L
Raspberry syrup: 10 cl
frozen red fruits: 50 g
a sprig of lemon thyme
Take a nice carafe, your grandmother's is even better...pour the liter of chilled rosé into it and pour in the raspberry syrup (grenadine or strawberry works too). Add a few sprigs of thyme and a nice, long spoon (a bamboo stalk will also do the trick) for the “barmaid mixture” effect before serving.
Dare to use ice cubes prepared in advance: one raspberry per square, water (minimum 12 hours chilled), and that's it.
To guarantee the “wahoo” effect, prepare your glasses
In 2 separate plates: pour sugar into one and strawberry/raspberry or grenadine syrup into the other. Tip your glass (empty of course) into the syrup, then place it on the second plate with the sugar: frosted effect guaranteed!
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