Asperge verte versus asperge blanche

Green asparagus versus white asparagus

Recipe for green asparagus with gribiche sauce

1 bunch of green asparagus (fine or wild)

2 hard-boiled eggs, olive oil, salty soy sauce, sesame cream (tahine), 1 shallot

Gribiche sauce: separate the whites from the yolks (hard-boiled eggs of course)

Cut the whites into small cubes and the yolks as best you can

In a bowl, mix a little salty soy sauce (2 spoons), tahini (3 spoons), shallot cut into small cubes and olive oil (which will bind it all together). If necessary add a little water to keep it liquid.

In a heated pan with a good piece of salted butter drizzled with sunflower oil, throw the green asparagus for 3 minutes, cover and turn off the heat for 3 minutes

Serving: in a nice flat plate (rectangular if possible) place the asparagus delicately (all in the same direction). Cover the egg white cubes then the yolk and sprinkle with the liquid mixture (the shallot bowl).

Serve with Quai Bonamour Blanc

Recipe for white asparagus omelette (Gascon tradition for Easter)

1 bunch of peeled asparagus (we remove 1 cm from the stalk, we caress the legs with the peeler)

6 fresh eggs - a little milk and fresh herbs (chives, ognasse, garlic etc.)

Cook the asparagus for 10 minutes (steam) or 8 minutes in boiling water, reserve (leave on a plate next to the fire)

Meanwhile, mix all the other ingredients with a whisk for 45 seconds, until it foams, foams and foams!

Take a large frying pan, heat a piece of salted butter drizzled with sunflower oil

When it is hot, place the asparagus delicately. It's rusty, can you feel it?

Pour your preparation (egg, milk, herbs) all at once over the asparagus

Wait 5 minutes, cover and turn off the heat, leave covered and you have 5 to 8 minutes to eat

Serve in a large dish, place in the middle of the table and everyone goes with a nice slice of fresh bread

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