Les coteaux de l'entre deux mers, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon

QUAI BONAMOUR - The Birth of a brand


A unique range of wines for lovers of the Atlantic Coast.

We've been talking to you about it for a while, but here we are, the first bottles are arriving and they are deposited!

We put all our heart and madness into it without compromising on Nature.

We spent time imagining the name, inventing stories, predicting the future in an empty bottle...but we had decided from the start that our first goal was to love juice. These juices which became our wines thanks to the passion of the winemaker and our learning alongside him.

This luck the 2022 vintage!

Ah, we sweated, but our vines, well anchored on the hillsides of our land, loved it. The work of the last 20 years has paid off: planting bushes, trees, being ecstatic in front of a cloud of ladybugs and hearing the birds frolicking like kids. Then arrives the vine, bushy, very green, giving birth to these grapes, juicy teats, which define our wines today. But what happiness!

We have set ourselves a goal for 2023: to participate in the pleasure you have of receiving, of nourishing, of sharing by inviting us to your tables with our wines.

So we hope you like the project.

Anne & Gibus

The months pass and are never the same